These are 14 of the most shocking unsolved crimes on Lancashire's railways last year

From serious sexual assaults to gun offences, we can shed new light on the crimes going unsolved at Lancashire’s stations and on its trains. Records were obtained from British Transport Police under the Freedom of Information Act, but the force would not give us further details of specific offences. It says it is “completely committed to reducing and preventing crime”.

Tuesday, 25th June 2019, 8:33 am
Updated Tuesday, 25th June 2019, 9:33 am
These are 14 of the most shocking unsolved crimes on Lancashire's railways last year

These are just some of the unsolved crimes that took place on the railway in Lancashire last year where no suspect was ever identified. You can read the full report here

A serious public disorder offence was reported when, at 6.35pm, it is alleged a person was racially or religiously abused. A suspect was identified, however there were issues with evidence and they were not prosecuted.
A case of serious fraud was reported by Virgin trains.

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A serious line of route offence was reported at a telecommunications mast involving endangering railway passengers by unlawful acts.
A report of indecent exposure was made by Northern shortly after 10pm on Wednesday, Feb 7, 2018. No suspect was identified.
A report was made of racially or religiously aggravated assault.
A live cable was reported stolen at 1.30pm on April 11.
Sexual assault on a female aged 13 or over was reported at Preston railway station at3.30pm on April 16 of last year. No suspect has been identified.
An instance of malicious obstruction of the railway line was reported at Squires Gate, Blackpool shortly after 7.20pm on April 25last year. No suspects were identified.
A train was damaged by stone throwing
An assault was reported at Squires Gate railwaystation just before 6.30pm on May 14 of last year. No suspect was ever identified.
A robbery was reported at the station at 11.30am. An investigation was carried out, but no suspect was ever identified.
Reports of a firearm or air weapon came in at 6.30pm. A suspect was identified, but there were issues with evidence, and nobody was ever prosecuted.
An "act outraging public decency" was committed at Blackpool railway station just before 2.30pm on August 30, last year. No suspect
A serious line of route offence was recorded after reports of a malicious obstruction of the railway.