‘The infrastructure can’t cope’ - Readers have their say on new transport plan for Preston city centre

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A 20-year vision to transform transport in and around the centre of Preston has put a new bridge over the River Ribble at the heart of a pitch to radically reshape how people navigate the city.

The authors of a year-long study have concluded that Preston cannot accommodate ever-growing levels of car use without damaging its economy.

Traffic on Prestons Ring Road

Traffic on Prestons Ring Road

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It also recommends that the city’s railway station is fully refurbished - with some mothballed local stations reopened to serve it. Plus it wants to see a new bridge across the River Ribble to take some traffic away from the city centre.

We asked for your views and here are a selection of comments left on our Facebook page:

A very interesting article. First step acknowledgement that something needs to be done. Train from Southport to Preston again would be nice at least I would have a choice. My commute to Fulwood is good as I set off really early. At night it’s very mixed. All of the roadworks recently have not helped. When there is an accident on the motorway Preston cannot cope.
Emma Ward

The only city with a ring road that goes through the centre of town, what do they expect the clue us in the the word ring.
Steve Williams

Hey, let’s build thousands of new houses then. What can possibly go wrong?
Keith Murray

I had to use the bus last week from bottom of Chorley Road to Morrison’s £5.90 return for myself and a seven-year-old. I use the park and ride to get into town if I need to but other than that I wouldn’t use buses. I am sure I am not the only one.
Jacqueline Elmes

Stop building houses. We are full and the infrastructure cannot cope with all the extra traffic .All the authorities want is more and more council tax to squander.
Michael Winder

Car use seems totally embedded. And the cars are often so unnecessarily huge. 4*4s to do school run and commute to an office. I’ve lived out of Preston for a few decades and am dismayed at the apparent lack of thought about emissions. It’s not sustainable.
Elizabeth Bates.

Speak with UCLan, they own the town and do whatever they want
David Benson

I’m personally proud to say I’m from a city that’s home to such an amazing university but hey, it’s all about keeping things the same with these anti -UCLanners! ‘We don’t like change here’ mentality
Kate Gee

Spending multi millions on a new river bridge from Penwortham is not going to solve Preston’s ring road chaos.
David Illingworth

Pedestrianisation of part of Fishergate probably didn’t help the ring road. Another bridge over the Ribble nearer to Warton would definitely help Strand Road.
Alison Robinson

As someone who frequently travels between Penwortham and Blackpool, I’d love it!
Richard Riley