PROJECT UPDATE: Drivers beware '“ infamous bollards back on Fishergate

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Friday, 8th September 2017, 4:49 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:44 pm
Workmen on Fishergate

The bollards are back! The infamous Fishergate bollards, subject of many a collision with cars, were put back in place yesterday by Lancashire County Council workmen.

Where are they?

The bollards are at the junction of Corporation Street and Fishergate and were installed as part of the Fishergate shared space scheme. However they have proved controversial, as many drivers say they are difficult to see.

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What’s their history?

The bollards gained notoriety when they were repeatedly hit by motorists during the first few weeks of the scheme. Initially they were regularly replaced, but after they were hit one too many times, the council decided to review the situation. The plinths that the bollards stood upon have now been empty for months, but last week Lancashire County Council that they would be returned.

What is the bollard’s other claim to fame?

Unusually, the inanimate object has also become something of a social media star. Its Twitter account now has 2,000 followers, and growing.

What can be done to stop them being knocked over again?

The replaced bollards are of the same design as before, which some drivers complained were hard to see because they are the same colour as the road.

But an innovative scheme run by Iver District Council in Buckinghamshire could be the answer.

Instead of a standard bollard, highways officers there have styled their bollards to look like models of children.

The 3ft figures have been placed near schools in an attempt to make drivers slow down.

But the move appears to have backfired, with drivers describing the models as ‘creepy’ and ‘like something out of a horror film’.