Mum's motorway SOS for young daughter

A mum put out an plea for food for her young daughter on social media after being stuck in a jam following a serious motorway incident.

Amanda Bray was driving on the M6 when she got caught up in the incident near Lancaster this afternoon.

Amanda messaged on the Lancaster Past and Present Facebook page: “If anyone else is stuck on the M6 between junction 33 and 34 I am in a blue Astra with an inconsolable hungry toddler . . . Please send help and snacks.”

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The post was seen by dozens of people with many pledging to bring food.

The northbound carriageway of the M6 was closed due to a serious incident earlier this afternoon.

It happened between junction 33 at Galgate and junction 34 at Lancaster.

The North West Air Ambulance airlifted a casualty from the scene.

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Police said the motorway was expected to remain closed for several hours to allow the North West Motorway Police Group to carry out a full investigation.

But they later said one lane of the motorway near the incident was being reopened and asked people who had got out of their vehicles to return to them.

Amanda, 24, of Heysham, said: “There was an accident on the northbound side at junction 33.

“I got on southbound at junction 34 going southbound, but they had closed the whole motorway.

“My daughter who is coming up to two was ready for her tea.

“She was getting quite distressed.”

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She added: “I was stuck on the motorway probably one-and-a-half to two hours, I only planned a twenty minute journey.”

Amanda eventually got off the motorway and made it home where she said her daughter, Aurora, was “all fed and watered now”.

She said people had been replying to her on social media with offers of help and food.

“It was really sweet,” she said.

She added; “Despite the rain people were getting out of their cars making sure everything was all right.”

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The mum, who works as a head of office admin, described what she saw on the motorway.

“The only thing I saw was a black mini van with its door hanging off on the side. It was like a mini bus. There were no people in it. There were ambulances there.”