Lancashire's railway crime in numbers: Figures reveal the levels of reported crime across the regions stations

From robbery to serious sexual offences, we can shed new light on the crimes recorded at Lancashire’s stations and on its trains over the last five years.

By Colin Ainscough
Friday, 23rd August 2019, 7:36 am
Updated Friday, 23rd August 2019, 8:36 am
Lancashire's railway crime in numbers revealed
Lancashire's railway crime in numbers revealed

Records were obtained from British Transport Police under the Freedom of Information Act. The force says it is “completely committed to reducing and preventing crime”. Please note: Crimes on trains are usually recorded at the terminus station. These are stations where 30 or more crimes were recorded, and what those crimes were:

Violence9 |Sexual0 |Criminal damage 7 |Serious line of route offences 1 |Theft 3 | Vehicle/Cycle Offences 2|Robbery1 |Theft of railway property1 |Public disorder6 |Fraud0 |Drugs 1|Other 0
Violence7 |Sexual0 |Criminal damage 2 |Serious line of route offences 1 |Theft 8 | Vehicle/Cycle Offences 4 |Robbery2 |Theft of railway property4 |Public disorder10 |Fraud0 |Drugs 1|Other 0
Violence6 |Sexual0 |Criminal damage 3 |Serious line of route offences 2 |Theft 9 | Vehicle/Cycle Offences 9 |Robbery0 |Theft of railway property1 |Public disorder12 |Fraud0 |Drugs3 |Other 1
Violence9 |Sexual3 |Criminal damage 4 |Serious line of route offences 4 |Theft 6 | Vehicle/Cycle Offences 6 |Robbery0 |Theft of railway property2 |Public disorder14 |Fraud0 |Drugs1 |Other 1
Violence11 |Sexual0 |Criminal damage 7 |Serious line of route offences 3 |Theft 6 | Vehicle/Cycle Offences 19 |Robbery0 |Theft of railway property0 |Public disorder8 |Fraud0 |Drugs7 |Other 2
Violence13 |Sexual2 |Criminal damage 11 |Serious line of route offences 8 |Theft 6 | Vehicle/Cycle Offences 5 |Robbery2 |Theft of railway property2 |Public disorder13 |Fraud0 |Drugs6 |Other 2
Violence44 |Sexual4 |Criminal damage 12 |Serious line of route offences 2 |Theft 55 | Vehicle/Cycle Offences 17 |Robbery0 |Theft of railway property10 |Public disorder49 |Fraud1 |Drugs13 |Other 2
Violence45 |Sexual5 |Criminal damage 19 |Serious line of route offences 7 |Theft 31| Vehicle/Cycle Offences 14 |Robbery1 |Theft of railway property11 |Public disorder80 |Fraud2 |Drugs14 |Other 3
Violence37 |Sexual10 |Criminal damage 9|Serious line of route offences 9 |Theft 81| Vehicle/Cycle Offences 33 |Robbery2 |Theft of railway property19 |Public disorder32 |Fraud2 |Drugs8|Other 8
Violence174 |Sexual 23 |Criminal damage 30|Serious line of route offences 17 |Theft280|Vehicle/Cycle Offences 46 |Robbery2 |Theft of railway property42 |Public disorder192 |Fraud2 |Drugs97|Other 15
Violence3 |Sexual1 |Criminal damage 4 |Serious line of route offences 3 |Theft 5 | Vehicle/Cycle Offences 8|Robbery0 |Theft of railway property2 |Public disorder9 |Fraud0 |Drugs 0|Other 0