'˜It's cheaper to get a taxi!' - Preston commuters have their say over bus fare increases

Bus fares in Preston have increased by 10p over the August Bank Holiday weekend.

Wednesday, 29th August 2018, 7:46 am
Updated Wednesday, 29th August 2018, 8:51 am
Preston Bus has announced a fare increase
Preston Bus has announced a fare increase

Both adult and child ticket prices have been raised as part of the new plans.

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Bus fares in Preston have increased by 10p

Adult single fare prices for Preston Bus journeys has gone up by 10p to £1.80 and £2.

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Preston Bus has announced a fare increase

Here was the reaction to the news on social media:

"Pity they’re cutting services on routes where people need them"

Maria Smith

"Prices up again, service getting worse copying Northern rail"

Andy Whiteside

"Again? And with even more service disruption/cuts. Absolute joke"

Katherine Murray

"Yet Malta anywhere on island a single fare - it’s two euro. And they still make profits."

Tezz Bamford

"Won’t bother the residents of Longsands, we won’t have a bus after next week!"

Pauline Gibson

"For the two kids and I it’s cheaper to get a taxi, and they drop you at the door!"

Lindsey Burns

"125 could save money by not running two buses together?? Happens most days every week. Yet try getting one on time?? No more buses for me over priced poor service"

David Stewart

"We are walking next time!"

Jessica Patel

"Some have no choice. They know this!"

Glynis Finley

"Want to clean their buses"

Liz Hinds

"The price of bus fares across the country are a top off if you want people use public transport then you have to reduce the fares and run a frequent service otherwise people will continue to use their cars . Some people don’t have a choice but have to use a bus because they don’t own a car they really are being held to ransom by these transport companies"

Jackie Nagy

"Are they going to spend the extra on some driving lessons for their drivers?"

Alexander Preston

"Another reason to drive instead!"

Dale Green

"£4 to get to town & back for a 10 minute journey is ridiculous."

Kathleen Smalley

"I try to avoid Preston Bus as much as I can. The drivers are so rude. I’ll get a taxi before using them!"

Michelle Miles

"I remember when it was only 60p for me when I was a child"

Charlotte Smith