Is your dog ready to travel abroad?

Lancashire dog owners have been urged to get their pets 'travel ready' to avoid problems on holiday.
Make sure  your dog is holiday readyMake sure  your dog is holiday ready
Make sure your dog is holiday ready

The British Veterinary Association is asking owners to make sure their dog is well prepared if they plan to take their pet abroad this summer.

Although holidays are exciting, they can be hazardous for dogs as going overseas exposes them to disease and illness they may not necessarily come into contact with back at home. Some of these diseases can have serious effects on a dog’s health and may even be fatal.

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As part of the EU Pet Travel Scheme, owners need to be able to provide an up to date and correct Pet Passport with all appropriate areas completed. It recommends visiting your local vet at least three weeks before travelling to make sure that your pet and its passport are ready for holidays.

Gudrun Ravetz, Junior Vice President of BVA, said: “Dogs are a big part of the family and it’s great that they are able to join their owners on holiday, however it’s important to ensure that the free movement of dogs overseas does not also mean the free movement of disease too. We encourage owners to contact their local vet for more information on pet travel and to book an appointment as soon as possible.”

BVA has created a handy Pet Travel Checklist:

* Book an appointment with your vet at least three weeks before travel to get started on the right medication at the right time

* Check rabies vaccination and pet passport are up to date

* Ensure microchip is working and reading correctly

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* Speak to your vet about preventive treatment needed to protect your dog against ticks, sandflies, heartworm and tapeworm

· Talk to your vet if going somewhere hot to discuss prevention of heatstroke and how to recognise signs of the problem in your dog

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