Elderly man was rescued from smoke-logged flat in Lancaster

An elderly man was rescued from a smoke-logged flat in Lancaster in the early hours of this morning.

Two fire crews were called to sheltered accommodation in East Road, Lancaster just before 1am.

“There was discarded smoking material in a waste bin and the plastic of the bin and the bin bag lining had caught light in the lounge,” said watch manager David Gillon.

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“The occupant must have discarded a cigarette and gone to bed. It must have slowly smouldered until there was enough smoke to set the fire alarm off.

“The accommodation’s scheme manager went to investigate and she found a smoke-logged flat and was able to rescue the elderly gentleman.

The fire crew then gave the casualty, who suffered smoke inhalation, oxygen and paramedics took him to Royal Lancaster Infirmary for a precautionary check up.

Fire crews then ventilated the flat. The cause of the fire is still officially under investigation.

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