Timeline on fracking in Lancashire

Protesters at the Blackpool New Road fracking siteProtesters at the Blackpool New Road fracking site
Protesters at the Blackpool New Road fracking site
As the death knoll sounds on fracking, here's a look back at what's happened up until now

October 2009

Shale gas exploration company Cuadrilla gets planning permission from Lancashire County Council to drill test wells for natural gas in the county.

August 2010

Cuadrilla starts its drilling operations in Lancashire. It drills wells at Preese Hall, Weeton, that month followed by Grange Hill, Singleton, in 2011 and Anna’s Road, Westby, in 2012.

April/May 2011

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Two tremors are felt which were later linked to fracking of the well drilled at Preese Hall.

April 1

A tremor measuring 2.3 on the Richter scale is felt.

May 27

A tremor measuring 1.4 is felt.

End of May 2011

The Government imposes a moratorium on fracking.

December 2012

After consulting experts the Government decides fracking can resume with strict controls and regulation. Ed Davey makes the announcement.

February 2014

Cuadrilla lodges two applications to drill and then test frack. One at Preston New Road, Little Plumpton, and another at Roseacre Wood.

June 2015

Lancashire County Council refuses planning permission for fracking to go ahead at the two sites. Cuadrilla appeals three months later.

April 2016

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A public inquiry is held at Blackpool Football Club which lasts for six weeks.

October 2016

Minister Sajid Javed overrules the council and allows fracking to go ahead at Preston New Road but defers a decision on Roseacre over traffic safety.

January 2017

Work begins preparing the Preston New Road site for two horizontally drilled wells.

October 2018

Protests begin at Preston New Road as Cuadrilla begins fracking well number one.

October 2018

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Four mini earthquakes are recorded at the site after the first frack.

November 2018

Five MPs call for an end to fracking after the 36th tremor is recorded.

December 2018

Fracking halts and Cuadrilla assesses the results and gas flow.

August 2019

Cuadrilla starts fracking the second well at Preston New Road.

August 26

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The largest tremor yet, measuring 2.9ML, is felt by neighbours. Calls are made for fracking to stop. Work at the Preston New Road site is halted by regulators as the tremor is assessed.

November 1 2019

Fracking is banned.