Thugs jailed for town violence

Kieran Gale, Kieran Gale, Matthew Littler and Steven DunkinKieran Gale, Kieran Gale, Matthew Littler and Steven Dunkin
Kieran Gale, Kieran Gale, Matthew Littler and Steven Dunkin
Violent thugs involved in a booze fuelled brawl in Wigan town centre which left one victim with a bleed in his skull, have been jailed.

A group of eight young men appeared at Bolton Crown Court yesterday charged with violent disorder, four of whom were jailed for a total of ten and a half years.

Steven Dunkin, 26, of Evington Tanhouse in Skelmersdale, Matthew Littler, 24 of Baker Street in Wigan and Liam Mawdsley, 23, of Healey Street in Swinley were each sentenced to three years in jail for their roles in the senseless attack. Another offender, Kieran Gale, 25, of Warrington Road, in Wigan, has been sent down for 18 months for his involvement in the brawls after he punched a partygoer who was “running down the street” before kicking another man who was on the floor.

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Three other defendants, Brett Burgess, 20, of Queen Street in Platt Bridge, Mark Burgess, 22, of Prestt Grove in Worsley Mesnes and Kevin Lindley of Douglas House in Scholes were each given a year’s jail sentence suspended for 12 months and a three month curfew for their part in the attacks, which involved punching and fighting at a taxi rank on Wallgate.

Father-of-two, Jamie Dean, 25 of Winstanley Street in Newtown will be sentenced next week following further probation investigations. Dean spent the majority of the sentencing laughing, rolling his eyes and chatting with family members from the dock.

Judge Timothy Stead, along with members of the public and the victim, Lewis Moore, who was in court, watched footage of a number of fights break out on King Street in the early hours of the morning on July 29 last year.

Prosecutor, Mr David Lees, told the court how one of the attacks left Mr Moore with bleeding inside his skull, a fractured nose, fractured cheekbone and temporary facial drooping.

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The court heard how the men had been out for a friend’s birthday before being kicked out of Bentley’s nightclub also on King Street. As the fights broke out CCTV footage showed the group chasing, punching, and kicking bystanders on the street outside Reflex nightclub.

Mr Lees explained that the victim, who had just come from Ibiza Bar, was attacked so severely that he spent 10 days in hospital and was rendered bed-bound for four weeks following the incident. Because of the extent of his injuries, Mr Moore was unable to return to work until the beginning of November, three months later.

Mr Lees added: “He spent four weeks confined to bed because of injuries which affected his mobility. He had a five month old child who wasn’t able to visit him in hospital.”

CCTV footage taken from the night showed how Mawdsley, drunk and on prescription drugs for anxiety and depression, had punched Mr Moore and kicked and stamped on another man on the ground.

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Judge Stead said: “It would appear you initiated the attack on him and went on to kick and stamp puts you in a serious position.”

He added: “Steven Dunkin, you kicked him from a standing position to his head, you were instrumental to knocking him to the ground. Matthew Littler you punched a man and were seen to kick Mr Moore when he was on the ground. You went on to make matters worse. You attacked another man who was on the ground and made repeated kicks to him. The three of you are responsible for the most serious aspects of violent disorder.”

Cries came from the gallery as Judge Stead handed down the jail sentences as the defendants blew kisses to their partners and family members before being taken down to serve their sentences.

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