Thanks to folks in Preston for helping our mum, says family

A number of people came to Helen Peel's aid after she had a fall in Preston city centre.A number of people came to Helen Peel's aid after she had a fall in Preston city centre.
A number of people came to Helen Peel's aid after she had a fall in Preston city centre.
A family has paid tribute to the people of Preston after their elderly relative was helped by complete strangers following a serious fall in the city centre yesterday afternoon.

Helen Peel, 80, of Morecambe was visiting the Capital Shopping Centre in Preston with husband Alan when took a fall, suffering a suspected broken collar bone among other injuries.

An ambulance was called but during the anxious wait for its arrival, various people at the scene sprang into action and helped the couple.

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Their son Jeremy, who lives in Chester, said: "I understand that our mother was lying face down unable to move for a considerable period of time, while waiting for the ambulance.

"My father who was also present and imagine he was somewhat distressed.

"It was a cold and wet day and I can only guess what my parents would have both been feeling like.

"So I would like to pass on our family’s sincere thanks to the following people from Preston and beyond that came to their aid.

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"Firstly, an off duty highway agency officer provided assistance with the help of a registered nurse from Blackburn, Charlie, who was out shopping and provided additional medical care.

"Then a lady called Sarah, an employee of Next, contributed by helping keep my parents warm with products from the store and as we understand provided a chair and comfort for our father.

"The team was further complimented by an off duty paramedic and the team from Boots provided a blood pressure monitor to assist with my mother's care.

"We also understand that a couple from Longridge stayed on the floor with my mother for a lengthy period of time providing all manner of support before an off duty policewoman was able to contact two working colleagues who provided additional medical supplies.

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"After over two hours our sister who is also a nurse, arrived from Morecambe and a decision was taken to move my mother and she was subsequently taken to Royal Lancaster Infirmary for treatment.

"As suspected, my mother does have injuries including a break that will result in her being laid up for up to 12 weeks, but thankfully she should make a recovery."

Jeremy added: "On behalf of our family we would like to express our heart felt thanks to the people of Preston and surrounding areas that helped us in our time of need today.

"At a time of year when everyone is very busy running round sorting out their own family priorities, we feel very humbled to have been in receipt of such kindness and care from a number of people who gave time and effort in caring for our mother in her moment of need."