Tax hike of 250 per cent for village hall

A parish council has raised its local tax by a whopping 250 per cent to help to pay for a new village hall.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 22nd March 2017, 10:46 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:54 am
Artist's impression of the new Much Hoole Village Hall 2015
Artist's impression of the new Much Hoole Village Hall 2015

Much Hoole parish council has set its 2017/18 precept at £52,969 – because it wants ​to provide another £23,000 to the village hall building fund.

It also wants to help move the village scout hut, adding another £18,600.

But the parish council has stressed the figures are a one-off and will not be repeated.

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The parish council resolved in ​January to add these items to the draft budget and write an explanation why the precept had risen in i​ts next newsletter to residents.

But Chris Watson, of Swallowfield, Much Hoole, said: ​“How do they even arrive at this figure?

“Where does this end? Hardly right when all other services being drastically cut. Rather give it to social care.”

Another resident said: “Is this the biggest Parish Council tax increase in the country? In my case the Parish Council tax part of the bill has gone from £16.76 in 2016 to £58.84 in 2017 an increase of over £42.00.

“How can they justify such an eye watering increase and who gave them the mandate to impose this exorbitant charge?”

Parish council chairman Eunice Houghton said the payment was a one-off and meant £1 a week extra for most residents. She said: “I can understand why people will be wondering about it and that is why we explained it all in the newsletter.”