Suspended Preston dinner lady says she's been called a racist in the street after attending former EDL leader's march

A dinner lady says she's been called a racist in the street after she was suspended from her job for going on a march organised by the ex English Defence League leader.

Mum of five Rachel Booth says men have shouted abuse at her as she walked to the shops near her home in Moor Nook.

It’s after the 27-year-old was suspended by Moor Nook Primary School for attending a UK Against Hate rally in Manchester organised by far right extremist Tommy Robinson.

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“I was with my children and a man shouted out of his car calling me a racist,” Rachel said. “I’m definitely not a racist and I feel like a paedophile being banned from school.”

Rachel has been off work since the day after the march on June 11 and her story has sparked a huge reaction online

City centre councillor Drew Gale posted on Facebook and said: “Lets be clear, this was a march organised and attended by many well know individuals attached to far right racists groups, as ever it was just an excuse to get drunk and spew their vile bigoted hatred!”

But Leonie Greaves sided with Rachel and posted: “It was a march attended by all races and religions. Unfortunately there are racist who attend these kinds of marches to cause trouble and spout their racist bigotry which often no one can control.

“The woman in question gave her reasons why she attended in support of those families who lost children in the bombing - which is valid in my opinion.”