Suspect held over death of man run down with own car by burglars

A man has been arrested in connection with the murder of a former Royal Navy officer killed by burglars who ran him over with his own car.
Mike Samwell, 35Mike Samwell, 35
Mike Samwell, 35

Mike Samwell, 35, died after going to confront intruders who broke into his home as he slept upstairs with his wife Jessica at 3am on Sunday.

He was found badly injured in a parking area at the rear of the house in the Chorlton area of Manchester and died little more than an hour later in hospital.

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Greater Manchester Police said Mr Samwell went downstairs after being alerted by noises and ended up at the back of the house in Cranbourne Road, where he was hit by the car.

The black Audi S3 sports coupe was later found badly damaged and abandoned three miles away in Whitby Avenue in the Ladybarn area of the city.

According to LinkedIn, Mr Samwell trained as a naval officer at Britannia Royal Naval College in Devon and spent around a decade in the senior service before leaving in 2014.