Strand Road closed after fire crews deal with wind-damaged railings on top of Oyston Mill

Police partially closed Strand Road in Preston today (March 11) whilst fire crews dealt with metal railings that had been blown loose on the roof of Oyston Mill.

Thursday, 11th March 2021, 3:18 pm

The windy weather had led to the scaffolding, which runs along the perimeter of its roof, to hang loose over the edge of the four-storey building.

Police stopped traffic in the direction of Water Lane and Watery Lane, whilst fire crews used the ladder platform to access the damaged railing and secure it.

The road closure led to delays for city centre traffic with motorists queued along Strand Road and back to Port Way.

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The windy weather has caused scaffolding along the roof of the four-storey building to come loose and fire crews are using a ladder platform to secure it

Four fire engines were deployed to deal with the loose scaffolding at around 11am and remained on site until after 3pm.

A fire service spokesman said: "It was a hand rail of scaffolding that had come loose in the wind and needed securing for safety.

"The rail is about 100 metres up so needed the aerial ladder platform to access it.

"Police were in attendance for traffic management and fire crews remained at the scene until the rail had been secured."

Police have partially closed Strand Road in Preston whilst fire crews deal with loose metal railings along the roof of Oyston Mill

Lancashire Police added: "We temporarily shut the road both ways from Guild Way to Watery Lane and advised motorists to find temporary routes whilst the fire service dealt with an incident on West Strand."

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Police have stopped traffic in the direction of Water Lane and Watery Lane, where traffic is queued along Strand Road and back toPort Way
Four fire engines, including the aerial ladder platform, are at the scene to ensure the metal handrail is secure