Slice of drama for driver trapped in front of pizza takeaway in Leyland

A newly-qualified driver needed rescuing by firefighters after her car became wedged outside a town centre takeaway.
The car was wedged between the bollards and the shop front.The car was wedged between the bollards and the shop front.
The car was wedged between the bollards and the shop front.

The young woman's vehicle mounted the pavement and came to rest, jammed between roadside bollards and the front of the Miami Chicken and Pizza shop in Leyland.

Baffled fire crews, paramedics and police all raced to the scene in Fox Lane at around 5:45pm yesterday to find the embarrassed driver trapped in her vehicle in floods of tears.

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Witnesses said the woman had only just passed her driving test "a couple of weeks" earlier.

"The poor girl must have lost control," said one bystander. "She knocked a bollard down and trapped her car between the shop and another bollard.

"She couldn't get out of the car, but she was OK."

A driver who was following her car into Fox Lane wrote on Facebook: "She was turning left at the roundabout and, if her steering wheel didn't stick, then she wasn't looking where she was going."

Takeaway owner Waqas Arshad was working in the shop at the time. He said: "We were quite busy and suddenly we heard this loud bang.

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"We looked outside and saw this car stuck there between our shop front and the bollards. There was a young woman inside who looked upset, so I called the emergency services. I didn't know if she was hurt.

"He father came down and he was saying she had only just passed her test a couple of weeks before. The poor girl must have panicked.

"The fire brigade arrived and pushed her car backwards to get it out. She had been trying to drive it out, but she couldn't."

A fire brigade spokesman said:"Firefighters from Leyland and Bamber Bridge attended reports of a road traffic collision on Fox Lane, Leyland.

"The incident involved a vehicle which had collided with a wall. One casualty was extricated from the vehicle and firefighters made the scene safe."

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