Sheltered accommodation block in Preston evacuated after grill fire fills property with smoke

New Hall Lane, Preston (Image: Google Maps)New Hall Lane, Preston (Image: Google Maps)
New Hall Lane, Preston (Image: Google Maps)
Firefighters evacuated a sheltered accommodation block in Preston after a grill fire filled the property with thick smoke.

The incident occurred in accommodation in New Hall Lane at around 6.10pm yesterday evening after fire alarms were triggered on the ground floor of the property.

Two fire engines from Preston attended the scene where they evacuated the building with the ground floor being "completely smoke logged".

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A spokesman from Preston fire station said: "We quickly evacuated residents away from the smoke.

"We found that a plastic tray that you eat dinners off of on your lap had been left on top of an electric grill."

The fire had self-extinguished by the time firefighters arrived but extraction fans were used to help clear the building of smoke.

Some residents were given oxygen for smoke with one individual taken to Royal Preston Hospital as a precautionary measure.

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"Our advice is to never leave anything combustible around fire sources," the spokesman added.

"Make sure it's always attended at all times.

"In this case the alarms activated and the residents came out and then got out of the smoke and in to a safe area."

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