Shed blaze spreads to Preston home

A fire started in a garden shed in Preston and spread to a nearby house, says fire services.

Firefighters from Preston and Penwortham were called to the blaze on Slade Street at around 2.30am on Tuesday, July 10.

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A spokesman for the fire service said: "The fire involved a garden shed which spread to fencing, another outbuilding and then the house.

"On arrival it was a well developed fire.

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"We set about extinguishing it using three hose reels, a fan, thermal imaging cameras and firefighters wearing breathing apparatus.

"The fire was so fierce it had burnt away the double glazing on the kitchen doors.

"Thanks to the quick actions of our firefighters we managed to prevent the fire from spreading throughout the house.

"The occupants of the house were woken by a neighbours who thankfully raised the alarm.

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"Although they did have a smoke alarm, it didn't activate as there was no smoke around the actual alarm."

Firefighters say that nobody was injured in the incident.

The house has been left uninhabitable due to smoke damage.

The cause of the fire is not known.

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