Scandal-hit care home in fresh misconduct case

A nurse at scandal-hit nursing home has been sanctioned for putting colleagues and highly vulnerable residents at risk of serious harm.
Hillcroft Nursing Home, Throstle Grove, Slyne wth Hest.Hillcroft Nursing Home, Throstle Grove, Slyne wth Hest.
Hillcroft Nursing Home, Throstle Grove, Slyne wth Hest.

Naveed Rasheed appeared before the Nursing and Midwifery Council last week accused of misconduct while working at Hillcroft Nursing Home in Slyne near Lancaster.

The home hit headlines in 2014 after four care workers abused elderly residents.

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The NMC hearing was told that on the nightshift of February 7, 2015, Mr Rasheed was the Nurse In Charge. At 9pm, the only other registered nurse on duty phoned for assistance in relation to patient A - an elderly man with dementia, known to display aggression.

Around midnight the emergency alarm sounded twice and Mr Rasheed failed to respond. He told the hearing he was in the middle of prayer when the first alarm went off. He stopped, enquired, and was told a healthcare assistant had gone to assist.

Later that night a complaint that Patient A had been handled inappropriately was brought to Mr Rasheed’s attention. He allowed the nurse to continue work and failed to inform the Matron.

Mr Rasheed, who still works at the home, admitted all the charges, though representation was made that “these were an isolated set of circumstances over a few hours on one shift.”

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Panel members said there was a “serious departure from acceptable standards” that constituted misconduct and found his lack of appropriate action put nursing colleagues and highly vulnerable residents “at risk of serious harm.”

He was handed a three-year Caution Order, meaning a note will be put on his entry in the NMC register.

John Ayrton, managing director of Hillcroft Nursing Homes said: “This was an isolated incident that happened two years ago.

“A full internal investigation was carried out at the time and appropriate actions taken.

“Our residents are very important to us and measures are in place to ensure their safety and wellbeing.”

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