Safety warning after log burner accident in Preston

Firefighters were on the scene
Firefighters were on the scene

Lancashire fire officers have issued a safety warning about the use of wood burning stoves.

A pair of emergency crews from Preston were called to a property on Lambert Road in Ribbleton shortly before 9pm on Friday, March 16.

An occupant had placed logs on top of and around a wood burner, causing them to ignite

The property was severely smoke-logged by the time officers arrived, a spokesman said, although the fire itself had already been doused.

The occupant was treated at the scene for the effects of smoke inhalation and received oxygen.

The fire service spokesman added: "It's important that if you have a wood burner not to put things close to them - or on top of them - as they can reach very high temperatures.

"Luckily the wood burner on this occasion was in a position where it didn't spread to anywhere else."