Roar on the Three Lions with World Cup anthem

'When we score, lions roar, sing for England.'

It is the chorus for a song which its creators hope will make the next England World Cup anthem.

The DJ who penned the words is Danny Clarkson, 41, from Leyland whose mission was to write a song that was true to the feeling of the country’s football fans and represented hopes of England’s chances of winning the tournament.

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He started jotting down a few ideas of lyrics about four weeks ahead of the World Cup and now he has even created a video of the performance of the song.

Danny, who is also a sports coach at primary schools, said: “About four or five weeks before the World Cup started I started writing some lyrics paying homage to the last three England songs written - Vindaloo, Three Lions and World in Motion.

“With a little bit of inspiration it just developed from there. I had some initial help from Brian Martin on guitar and the track took a change of pace helping a pipe dream became reality. I also had two friends come on board.

“The first verse that I wrote was to pay respects to the best three World Cup tracks but there was something missing.

“I needed a voice from the disillusioned fans as well.”

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And so Danny enlisted his friends Graham Haydock, 37, and David Grhymz, 41, both from Leyland. While Graham, known as G, wrote lyrics to defend the team and inspire the fans and kids around the country to believe in the players and the game, David, a punk rapper, put together lyrics to give a voice to the feelings of disillusioned England fans.

“G spoke from the heart and I think he sounds really good,” said Danny. “We’ve DJed at kids parties for 20 odd years.

“I’ve always thought I’d love to have a song for the kids to chant. I knew David from school. We’re just catching up now really, I’ve not seen him for 20 years.

“Really he’s an underground punk rapper.

“I knew he was a disillusioned, frustrated England fan. I knew that if he wrote from the heart he could write something quite punchy and hard-hitting and when he sent me the lyrics I was pretty emotional.

“It does represent the disillusioned England fans.”

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Once the song, dubbed Sir Bobby, was written it went through a few edits and the team, who call themselves 2nHalf Lions, recorded it in their friend’s bedrooms.

Danny said: “It was more or less on the same day I asked Graham and Dave if they would do the lyrics.

“The chorus is meant to unite the two tribes - the two sides.”

It was just after England’s match with Columbia that the three also managed to get a video production company to film them performing the tune at a party they threw in a garden.

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Teri Moran, 25 and Michael Jon Dawson, 26 who own video production company, Route Nine Studios in Garstang, had a great time filming and editing the track.

“We had made a music video around this time last year for someone they know,” said Teri. “The just got in touch with us and it was fantastic.

“They threw a little party, it was so last minute. They performed the song really well a number of times in the garden and we just filmed it then took it back to edit it.”

The music video shows their friends busting their best dance moves, including some classic dad dancing, and singing along to the lyrics. Danny said: “The reaction has been amazing. It’s blown us away, it really has. Hopefully this song will carry itself. It represents the nation and their feelings for the last 20 years.”

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