Road safety measures installed at Leyland accident blackspot

A new chevron sign on Stanifield Lane, FaringtonA new chevron sign on Stanifield Lane, Farington
A new chevron sign on Stanifield Lane, Farington
Residents are celebrating long-awaited new safety measures at an accident blackspot in Leyland.

Folk on Stanifield Lane, Farington, had been calling for improvements at a bend for more than a year, fearing someone would be killed on the road.

But they became increasingly angry and frustrated when the work failed to get carried out.

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Stanifield Lane had been placed on a county list of high priority roads due to the number of accidents and reported speed offences.

Now Lancashire County Council has installed chevron and advance warning signs of the bend where many of the accidents have happened.

A delighted Farington east councillor Paul Wharton, who had campaigned for the safety work, said: “This has been going on for just over a year.

“Lancashire County 
Council said it would be done in August, then September, then winter and now spring and finally a year later they’ve put the signs up.

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“I’m pleased to see that Lancashire County Council have installed chevrons and a 
warning sign prior to the bend near to the Farington Lodge Hotel.

Residents have been plighted with vehicles coming off the road and ploughing through their walls on several occasions, and I only hope the additional signage will make people think and slow down approaching the bend.

“We had ten accidents last year on this bend – one car went through a wall.”

He added: “It’s further pleasing to see Lancashire Police have been out again several times over the last month, including this weekend on Stanifield Lane, catching speeders.

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“We still have a significant problem with vehicles speeding through our village, particularly in the mornings and evenings close to Farington Primary School.

“I will continue to work with the police and Lancashire County Council to put measures in place to reduce this.

“The Police have adopted a very pro-active approach in Farington and I would once again thank them on behalf of our residents.”

Police figures recorded for Stanifield Lane on Saturday were: 17 speeders, seven using phones, eight not wearing seatbelts and one uninsured in just over an hour.

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Stanifield Lane resident Jean Fairhurst, 50, said: “We’re happy with the signs, but more needs to be done about speeding.

“The problem is when you’re trying to cross the road and get out of junctions - it’s not easy.

“I’ve been speaking to a couple of residents and they’re saying things are starting to look up.”

Lancashire County Council said it recognised the work was needed and that it would have carried it out earlier, but was thwarted by the exceptionally wet weather which resulted in a delay.

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A spokesperson said: “With regard to reducing speeds, across Lancashire the policy is to use mobile enforcement locations to achieve the maximum benefit, rather than introducing more fixed camera sites.

“This road has been included in the Lancashire Road Watch programme for mobile speed enforcement, based on the casualty data. As part of this, Lancashire Police aims to undertake enforcement activity at this location every four to six weeks.”