REACTION: Social media reacts to Britain's Brexit vote

Anger, delight, dispair and glee are just some of the emotions pouring out through social media to the news that Britain has voted to leave the European Union.

Friday, 24th June 2016, 7:29 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 6:11 pm
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Hundreds of people reacted to the LEP’s stories online that Lancashire had voted to leave the EU and waves of comments have flooded in as it broke that 51.8 per cent of UK voters had chosen the leave vote.

Posting on the LEP’s Facebook page Marie Dixon, from Preston, said: “Wow we’re out? Never believed it would happen so we do have a say? It’s gonna be rough for a while which is to be expected it’s been a difficult time for most people in the last 10 years of austerity, have faith in ourselves we can do this!”

Some others more than shared Marie’s optimism, with Chris Morrow declaring it was time for “one big party”.

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Every borough in Lancashire voted out with some overwhleming majorities in Wyre and Blackpool.

The reaction was again mixed with Ann Gregson, from Leyland, saying “Yes, yes, yes” to the news South Ribble had voted to leave by 58.6 per cent.

Reacting to the news on Twitter, Carl Jordan said: “Shame on Lancashire” for voting to leave the EU. He was backed up by Holly A who tweeted: “Helpful article thanks @leponline Boris or Theresa leading our country. Oh god.” The feeling on Twitter continued with a strong sense of displeasure as KB-P tweeted the LEP to say “the facts were there, people didn’t bother to read them”. Rebbeca Haslam aslo posted: “Lancashire, what the hell are you doing?”

Lancashire Deputy Chief Fire Officer Justin Johnston tweeted: “Irrespective of any of our personal views, democracy has spoken. We must now focus on shaping our future #EUreferendum #EUref”