Protest planned over Whittle-le-Woods 'stink-bomb' landfill site

Stink bomb protesters are planning a huge demonstration at the weekend to show their disgust at the pong around their homes.
Inside the Clayton Hall landfill siteInside the Clayton Hall landfill site
Inside the Clayton Hall landfill site
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Rancid smell hangs over homes in Clayton-le-Woods and Whittle-le-Woods at Christ...

Residents living downwind of the controversial Clayton Hall landfill site at Whittle-le-Woods are organising a show of strength to get the tip operators to stop the stench.

Members of the protest group Leyland and Chorley Stink Bomb are being urged to turn out in force to send a powerful message to Quercia Ltd that enough is enough.

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The location of the protest has yet to be decided. But scores of people wearing surgical masks are expected to join the “peaceful” demonstration.

“It has to be in a high traffic area where it will create the maximum effect and awareness,” said action committee member Angela Baron. The protest comes after weeks of campaigning by residents sick of the foul odours coming from the Clayton Hall site. Environment Agency experts are now monitoring the smells and the company has pledged to get the nuisance under control within days.

Two leaders of the action committee held talks with management of Quercia andsaid the company had given an assurance extractors would be connected up to the six gas wells by the end of this week.

South Ribble MP Seema Kennedy has written to Quercia’s parent company Neales Waste Management and Leyland independent councillor Claire Hamilton has called for more information to be given to residents about the quantity of hydrogen sulphide gas escaping into the atmosphere around the tip.

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The saga of the stench has even been put to music by local musician Barry Clare.

The singer/songwriter has added a new verse to one of his favourite songs I’m Proud To Live In Leyland Town, singing “I’m proud to live in Leyland town, but a putrid smell is getting us down.”

The verse ends: “Councillor Hamilton does her best, now it’s up to t’government to do the rest.

“Cap it over with tons of stuff, and straight away . . . we’ve had enough.”

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