Prince Harry to meet flood-hit villagers in Lancashire

Prince Harry will visit Weeton Barracks today to meet soldiers from 2 LANCS who played a crucial role during the floods.
Prince HarryPrince Harry
Prince Harry

The Prince will also visit St Michaels on Wyre to see the devastating impact that the flooding has had upon the community, and learn more about the efforts that are being undertaken to help the village recover and rebuild.

For more than four weeks, and including over Christmas, every member of the Battalion – approximately 500 soldiers – was deployed at some point across Cumbria, Lancashire and Yorkshire to assist and support the civilian authorities in dealing with the response to the storms Desmond, Eva, Frank and Gertrude.

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Prince Harry will hear more about the recovery work carried out by the Battalion throughout the flooding, and have the opportunity to meet some of the soldiers involved in the flood response and their families.

He will also meet residents who lost their homes to the flooding, as well as key figures from the community and council who have gone out of their way to support the village.