Preston's Mystery Tea House is on the market

Preston's Mystery Tea House is on up for sale.
Natalia Lotocka, of Mystery Tea House, in PrestonNatalia Lotocka, of Mystery Tea House, in Preston
Natalia Lotocka, of Mystery Tea House, in Preston

Its owner has announced she is bidding ‘so Oolong’ - a nod to the famed type of leaves - to the cafe.

Natalia Lotocka, who has run the business from Cannon Street for nine years, has decided to devote her time to charity work in Africa.

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In a statement issued on Facebook she said: “My journey as an owner of the Mystery Tea House is coming to an end.

“As most of you know, I’m doing work in Africa and my heart belongs there.

“I can’t give Tea House as much time as I want because I’m focusing more on my charity work.

“I’m feeling that I’m not allowing tea house to grow as a business and as a community hub.

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“I’ve got an opportunity to move out soon, so I’m looking for a quick sale of the business.

“The Mystery Tea House is a well-established business that’s been nine years on the market with a great potential and huge base of loyal guests.

“The place is ready to run as I’m leaving everything here as it is with all the decorations, teas and teapots plus all the contacts of suppliers. There is a possibility to organise more regular workshops and events, to create new menus and to do many more improvements.”

Wellwishers rushed to give their messages of support to Natalia online. Emma Russell said: “I do hope this business carries on in another pair of loving hands. You are the most wonderful woman and must follow your heart. We will certainly be in before you go for a farewell tea.”

Sandra Crawford said: “Great place, hope someone buys it and retains its character and charm.”

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