Preston photographer Melvin Nicholson captures rare '˜fogbow'

Melvin Nicholson, Preston photographerMelvin Nicholson, Preston photographer
Melvin Nicholson, Preston photographer
A Lancashire photographer is at the centre of a worldwide media frenzy after capturing a stunning image in the Scottish highlands.

Preston-based Melvin Nicholson captured a wonderful image of a white “fog bow” over Rannoch Moor in the west of Scotland.

After a mention on Chris Evans’ Radio 2 breakfast show his image went viral on social media and the Ashton-on-Ribble man suddenly found himself and his picture in demand from all over the world.

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Melvin, 44, was out on the moor south of Glencoe on Sunday when the very unusual white rainbow appeared.

Melvin, in Scotland running a photographic workshop, was with another photographer on an early-morning shoot.

He decided to use the lone tree as the focal point of his image and his colleague moved to another spot.

Then the “magical” rainbow appeared – and Melvin had the perfect shot of the three framed by the “fog bow”.

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A “fog bow” is a similar phenomenon to a rainbow but it appears in fog rather than rain.

Melvin messaged Radio 2 early the following morning and sent them the photo.

He posted on Facebook: “I ventured down to Rannoch Moor today with fellow talented Scottish landscape photographer Scott Robertson in preparation for my four day workshop that starts this Thursday when I saw this unbelievably beautiful white rainbow also known as a fog bow. Big thanks to Scott Robertson Landscape Photography too for showing me this tree otherwise I would not have captured this shot.”

After the Radio 2 mention, suddenly Melvin, his picture and the phenomenon of the “fog bow” was being discussed on the airwaves .

His phone started ringing non-stop.

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He said: “My world has gone crazy these last 24 hours ever since I shared the fog bow image on social media.

“I now have an agent who is dealing with all requests. I have had National Geographic and all kinds of people wanting to use it.

“ It all seems a bit weird to be honest.”

Melvin added: “Sometimes you can spend hours setting up a shot and it doesn’t work. This one happened fairly quickly.

“You’ve got to have the sun behind you to see the fog bow.

“It isn’t going to make me a millionaire, I am just thrilled that so many people have got to see it.”