Preston Guild Hall debt allegation: Promoter confirms venue has paid £10,000 debt with 'minutes to spare'

Preston Guild HallPreston Guild Hall
Preston Guild Hall
The firm that runs Preston Guild Hall has finally paid off a debt to a theatre promoter - with minutes to spare.

Graham Pullen was in the process of applying to the courts to wind up Preston Guild Hall Ltd after the firm missed another agreed payment deadline on Tuesday lunchtime - but says he received the £10,743 payment a short time later.

The cash was owed to Mr Pullen's company Special Projects Live, which presented a statutory demand to the Guild Hall relating to ticket sale proceeds for a live show by celebrity chef and broadcaster James Martin in October.

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However, a statutory demand remains in place against the Guild Hall for a £70,000 debt allegedly owed to BKL Ltd, which staged Blood Brothers at the venue last September.

Graham PullenGraham Pullen
Graham Pullen

BKL Ltd previously said it had served a statutory demand on March 19.

That means if the debt is not settled in 21 days, BKL can apply to the courts to wind up the company.

Guild Hall owner Simon Rigby previously said he was in discussions with BKL and was "expecting to settle matters with him before the deadline".

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