PR firm apologises after sending pork pie email to Jewish newspaper

A Jewish newspaper had a good chuckle around the office when an unfortunate email landed from a Chorley PR firm.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 3rd March 2016, 12:43 pm
Updated Thursday, 3rd March 2016, 1:46 pm
Chorley PR firm sends pork pie themed press release to Jewish newspaper
Chorley PR firm sends pork pie themed press release to Jewish newspaper

The release, from KR Public Relations, was intended to celebrate British Pie Week and asked readers for their dream pork pie flavour combination.

The PR firm has apologised profusely but a spokesman from the Jewish Chronicle in London said there was “absolutely no need to”.

They said: “We all found it very funny and it didn’t cause any offence at all. Within minutes of receiving it they had apologised. We actually included it in our diary column as a bit of fun.”

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Pork is not eaten as part of the religion Judaism.

The agency also retracted the release and issued the following apology.

It read: “While that press release was due to be issued, the compilation of the press list was a training exercise and unfortunately, on this occasion, led to a few people being left on the list that the press release was not intended for. We can only apologise moving forward and please be rest assured that this will not happen again.”

“As an agency we deeply regret that the press release was issued inadvertently. It was an honest mistake and we are naturally mortified by what happened but we are just pleased that our apology was accepted.”