Power cut is restored after 1,300 homes and businesses hit in preston

More than 1,300 homes and businesses have had their power restored after a cut in Preston.

Monday, 31st May 2021, 3:26 pm
Updated Monday, 31st May 2021, 3:30 pm

More than 1,300 homes and businesses have had their power restored after a cut in Preston

Electricity North West (ENW) said it was first made aware of the incident just after 11pm yesterday. (May 30).

The cut meant a total of 1,351 customers were without supply mainly in the PR3 area but some in PR4 and PR2.

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Power was cut to properties in Preston overnight

ENW initially estimated on its website that power would be restored by 2.10am today (May 31).

However this was later updated to 5.30am with electricity workers responding to the incident throughout the night.

ENW confirmed power had been restored by 5.18am.

The following postcodes were affected:

PR3 5JZ, PR4 0BS, PR4 0AQ, PR4 0AY, PR4 0AS, PR4 0AL, PR4 0AP, PR3 0ZL, PR3 2BN, PR3 2DE, PR3 2BP, PR3 2JP, PR3 2JJ, PR3 2JQ, PR3 2JU, PR3 2JX, PR3 5JJ, PR3 5JL, PR3 5EQ, PR3 5JX, PR3 5JY, PR3 5LA, PR3 5LB, PR3 5LP, PR4 0AT, PR4 0AU, PR2 7DA, PR2 7DB, PR4 0AE, PR2 7ER, PR2 7ET, PR2 7EU, PR2 7HA, PR2 7ES, PR2 7DU, PR3 5DY, PR3 5HE, PR3 5DB, PR3 5DA, PR3 2JH, PR3 2JL, PR3 2JN, PR3 5DD, PR3 5EB, PR3 2JS, PR3 2LB, PR3 5DQ, PR3 5DR, PR3 5DP, PR3 5DS, PR3 5DT, PR3 5DU, PR3 5DN, PR3 5DX, PR3 2LP, PR3 2DQ, PR3 5DL, PR3 5AF, PR3 5JN, PR3 5JA, PR3 5JB, PR3 5JH, PR3 2JT, PR3 2LD, PR3 5AX, PR2 7EE, PR3 5DE, PR3 5JR, PR3 5JS, PR3 5JP, PR3 5LQ, LA23 2HF, PR3 5JQ, PR3 5JT, PR3 5JU, PR3 5DH, PR3 5DJ, PR4 0AX, PR3 2EN, PR3 2ED, PR3 2EL, PR3 2FL, PR3 2LA, PR3 2TG, PR3 1JJ