Your view: What you think about Preston council tax hikes

Preston residents appear set for a rise to their tax bills as cash-strapped city council bosses take up a government offer for a rate hike.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 26th January 2018, 9:30 am
Updated Friday, 26th January 2018, 10:35 am
Council leader Peter Rankin says the rise is necessary to cover services
Council leader Peter Rankin says the rise is necessary to cover services

Ministers last month said the cap before triggering a local referendum could be increased this year by one per cent.

According to a report set to be discussed by the ruling cabinet next week, the city council will therefore impose a 2.99 per cent increase. It will mean a Band D property will pay almost £9 per year more, generating around £110k for the town hall.

In the report, council leader Coun Peter Rankin states: “Our capacity to deliver services in many areas is now very stretched and in some areas this means we cannot offer the highest standard of service possible.”

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This is what you had to say:

Does this mean the £30 brown bin charge will be dropped?

Alan Robinson

So we are paying what the government won’t pay to the council because the government need huge wages...

Nicola Telford

Wish our wages went up by that much

Paul Edmond

Council tax goes up by 3 per cent but the government subsidy to Preston drops by more than 10 per cent. Councils aren’t putting up taxes to sit on piles of money or award massive pay rises.Just think about the maths. Tax rises nowhere near cover the cost of government cuts.

Ken Moss

Why should we pay more for people who pay nothing? Fifty two per cent of council tax spend goes on housing benefits, travellers sites and ‘neighbourhood renewal’

Mark O’Rourke

As usual work only for them to take it back off us. If only our wages would increase as rapidly. Everything goes up apart from the wages

Wayne Bamber

Will this mean we can have weekly bin collections and roads that are properly fixed?

Steph Wood

Will go towards the councillors pay rises...happy day

Anthony Paul Tiger

It’s Lancashire wide it’s a joke. Annual payrise dose not even cover it.

Jason Brooksbank

Paying out for the so-called working class, mate they’re nothing more than the subsidised class making it even harder for working individuals to have the quality of life they’re rightfully deserve. Looks like my one day off a week has gone out the window

Adam Hatzer

“Band D properties will pay almost £9 per year more.” Doesn’t sound like something to worry about, does it?

Ruth Wenham

Council tax going up, bills going up, food prices going up, when all the time wages are staying the same. We are the squeezed middle!

Brenda Docker