YOUR VIEW: Lancashire's £7m pothole repairs

The county's potholes are a dangerous disgrace and urgent action is needed.

County Coun Keith Iddon (right) watches as a pothole is repaired
County Coun Keith Iddon (right) watches as a pothole is repaired

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How do you solve Lancashire's £7.7m pothole problem?

That is Post readers’ verdict on Lancashire County Council’s record on pothole repairs.

They took to our Facebook page to share their views following our special report last Friday on Lancashire’s pothole crisis.

The council says it will be spending £7.7m on repairs and is introducing an innovative jet patching system to speed up repairs.

Readers’ experiences ranged from accounts of tyre punctures to concern over the state of key roads in the county.

Reader Steven Moore advised using saying: “If everyone reports them here the council will see how big the problem really is.”

£7.7m will not even start to repair the roads. Lancashire County Council only have to go to one reported pothole. Ask yourself the last time you REPORTED ONE. Please, please, please report one every time you go out. Maybe then they will start doing something about it. So dangerous they have a duty of care.Duncan Fishwick

I have just hit a pothole on Blackbull Lane (Fulwood),currently awaiting a recovery truck thanks to a flat tyre!A.J.Snape

Preston’s roads are an absolute disgrace!!! Blackbull Lane and Regents Drive are accidents waiting to happen. How long before a cyclist comes off the bike and under a car? The damage being done to cars, your second dearest purchase after your house. We have to drive in the middle of the road to avoid cavernous holes ,they need fixing and fast.Andrew Bradley

My mum has just popped her tyre and smashed all her wheel trim on Cuerdale Lane. There were about four other cars did the same as well!!!! Absolutely disgusting that they can’t sort these roads out!! It could have been so much worse and so dangerous. Mum has reported it. Sharon Markes (was Clough)

The whole of Leyland!! Fed up of my car being ruined, why do we pay car tax? Probably for the stupid mini roundabouts in town everyone keeps smashing their cars into, the roads are all a joke and a massive hazard.Samantha Ellie-Jaye Sumner

They came and did the holes on Cuerdale Lane first week in January. Holes now re-appearing after two weeks... It is time the work gets done correctly. Lynn Jones

Can we sue the council for damage to our cars?Christine Singleton

The start of Leyland is terrible. I probably look like a drunk trying to avoid them!!!Jade Smith

Blackbull Lane is a disgrace. I have to drive in the middle of the road to avoid the huge potholes. Feel sorry for cyclists.Vanessa Catlin

I hit a huge pothole on Boxing Day on Golden Hill. Cost me £60 for a new tyre.Jackie Scanlan

Instead of speed bumps use the materials to fill the holes.Nat Lee