Your reaction to Leyland girl whose treatment for Batten Disease may end: "Lives are worth more than money"

The mother of a nine-year-old girl says her daughter has been given a “death sentence” after a decision was made to remove specialist treatment from the NHS.

By James Rogers
Wednesday, 6th March 2019, 10:39 am
Updated Wednesday, 6th March 2019, 11:02 am
Matilda Moffatt with her mum Melanie
Matilda Moffatt with her mum Melanie

Matilda Moffatt, from Leyland, has Batten Disease, a rare genetic disorder which robs sufferers of their sight, mobility, speech, and often leads to death.

She is currently on a trial with an American pharmaceutical company but when this comes to an end next year, the NHS will not be able to continue with the treatment.

NICE, a government body which decides which drugs and treatments are available on the NHS in England, said a lack of long-term effectiveness means the treatment was not “value for money”.

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Leyland mum says daughter, 9, given 'death sentence' over decision to stop fundi...

It costs more than £500,000 per person for each year’s treatment.

Matlila’s mum, Melanie, said: “I thought that the NHS was meant to save lives, but the NHS have said my daughter should die.

“They have put her on a death sentence.”

Here are your views:

The problem is they aren’t putting a price on a child’s life, they are putting a price on the long term goal.

Half a million per person a year is alot of money with zero chance of a cure.

Rob Davies

Beautiful little lady sending our love.

Christine Worswick

Well maybe they should stop helping druggies who don’t help themselves by relapsing and use the money to help people like that poor girl.

Jermaine Palmer

Agree with all the above and also stop the huge pay increases of politicians etc... heartbreaking Melanie sending you all our love.

Gill Woan

Well if MPs weren’t getting a pay rise and May didn’t sell half of the NHS, this beautiful little girl could be getting the treatment.

Franne McFonalds

But yet smackheads can still get methadone on prescription.

What’s more important?

Beka Jackson

Yet the government can give £22,000 to help that murderer Philpott with legal fees.

I know where my taxes should go.

Sue Lavery

Why is it always at the hand of the NHS?

They don’t allocate the funding.

It’s the government.

So instead of saying the NHS blame the right people.

The Tories stop her daughter’s specialist treatment.

Not the NHS.

Erin-Rae Sullivan

How long before they start euthanasia clinics for people not deemed to have a quality of life?

Watch out it might be you next.

Susan Rambridge

It’s disgusting money spent on wrong things.

Bless this little girl.

Ann Sharples

Write to every leader of the political parties, make them listen.

Go to your MP as well.

Jeanette Davies

Lives matter.

Stop wasting time and money and put the medicines to those who need them. Be Kind

Sybil Lucas-Brewer

Poor lady, my heart goes out to her.

Sue Lavery

Perhaps they can withdraw NHS services from the people who choose to abuse their bodies with drugs and people who commit awful crimes.

Jenny Stewart