Your reaction: Government rejects calls to place Staffordshire Bull Terriers on the Dangerous Dogs Act

In recent weeks the Government rejected calls to place the Staffordshire Bull Terrier on the Dangerous Dogs Act.

Saturday, 4th August 2018, 11:05 am
Updated Saturday, 4th August 2018, 12:13 pm
Staffordshire Bull Terrier owners walked from Astley Park Gates, Chorley, to protest at their dogs being described as dangerous

It follows calls from animal rights charity PETA urging government ministers to add the dogs to the list of dangerous dogs - meaning it would be illegal to breed or own them.

A protest march was subsequently organised at Chorley's Astley Park, with dozens of dog owners and their Staffies taking it upon themselves to show the public why thr dogs should be defined by nurture rather than nature.

The story recieved significant feedback from readers on social media, some of which can be read below:

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Staffordshire Bull Terrier owners walked from Astley Park Gates, Chorley, to protest at their dogs being described as dangerous

"Any breed can be dangerous if it's human has taught it to be that way - or not trained at all. Some people ought not be allowed dogs" - Sum Cumming

"[My] neighbours have two and they are the most well behaved ever. I think it’s all to do with training and the dogs knowing who is top dog and it isn’t either of them, it’s their responsible owner" - Jean Herod

"I'm a canine behaviourist based in Preston and I adore Staffies. The problems I come across when I get calls from clients, nine times out of 10 they are from other breeds. Rarely Staffies. Any aggression issues I have seen in these gentle creatures are due to its owner, and not dog. You can train aggression into any defenseless being, done correctly (sometimes unknowingly). These dogs are just more loyal, meaning they're easily led into the wrong route" - Holly Newton

"I have a Staffie, he's three-years-old and he helps my autistic child loads. When my child is about to melt down Fester is there to support him and just cuddles him. I definitely agree its the owners not the dogs. I will always recommend a Staffie as they are so caring and affectionate" - Becky Ramsbotham

"[They are] bred to do a lot of damage if they flip" - Trevor Greenhalgh

"Maybe its time we had a Dangerous Human Being Act, if you attack someone you get put down. Animals ain't the problem it's stupid people" - Paul Wright

"[My Staffie] Marley is a five-year-old pampered lady. It’s bad owners, not bad breeds. She is a softy, and loves nothing more than cuddles and kisses" - Maria Sian

"Dogs are hunters and pack animals by instinct - you can never be 100 per cent as to whether they will bite a baby or not" - Natalie Meacky