Wyre residents to pay 11p extra a week in council tax

Wyre Council has decided to follow the government's lead in raising council tax by 2.99 per cent  '“ or £5.63 a year on a Band D home.
Wyre Civic Centre, the home of Wyre Council.Wyre Civic Centre, the home of Wyre Council.
Wyre Civic Centre, the home of Wyre Council.

It means homeowners of Band D properties will see an increase of just under 11p per week.

The borough’s budget and council tax for 2018/19 were approved at a full council meeting on Thursday.

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Leader Coun David Henderson said: “Last year the government announced they would allow districts to increase council tax by up to three per cent per year and by adopting this approach we are able to maximise our spending power while keeping costs low for residents.

“Going forward we will continue to provide Wyre’s vital front line services for 53p per day.

“This year we have received a reduction in funding from the government of £356,000 – or nine per cent.

“Over the last eight years we have lost £6.7m in funding, which is the equivalent of 75 per cent of our grant back in 2010/11.

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“We have prepared for such financial challenges and have saved over £5.6m since 2010, an average of £808,000 efficiency savings per year. However, we have continued to make significant achievements through protecting and improving council services.”

A council report had previously revealed how there was an annual shortfall in income of £568,749 – with the government not providing ‘any support to freeze council tax in 2018/19’.

The increase comes after a Lancashire County Council raised its council tax by 5.99 per cent last month.

The change will see Band D homeowners charged £1,294 a year by the county council.

Band A payer will be charged £863 and a Band H payer £2,589 by the county council.

More information on the changes can be found on Wyre Council’s website.