‘We are just a laughing stock’ - How will you vote in a December General Election?

Boris Johnson at the dispatch boxBoris Johnson at the dispatch box
Boris Johnson at the dispatch box
Boris Johnson is to call on MPs once again to support his quest for a pre-Christmas election in order to break the Brexit deadlock.

The PM failed on Monday to get the two-thirds majority needed to secure an election under the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act (FTPA) but is now planning a short Bill to circumvent that Act.

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We asked you for your opinions on the latest debate in Parliament.

"This Parliament is such a self-serving mix of MPs who are not allowing the will of the people in a huge democratic vote to be carried out.I think only those who voted the way their constituents voted have any chance of being re-elected."Robert Whyte

"The country should get to the polling station and express their disappointment with the state of the current situation. The lies, the corruption, the party before country attitude. It is embarrassing to say the least."Daniel Dawson

"We are just a laughing stock. People voted out - that’s what needs to be done sooner rather than later. It’s been three years."Laura Louise Higgs

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"I’d rather be dead in a ditch than vote Johnson."Ken Walton

"Why vote ? Your votes don’t get honoured..so I won’t be bothering..waste of time..should be out 31 oct. Do it, Boris!"Brian Tipping

"If you don’t vote you have no right to criticise or support a particular argument. If you voted leave, then you have right to argue your point, as do the remainers.... those who don’t bother to vote have no place in the argument."Lynn Adele

"Got to be the Brexit party from now on.....all the others are a wasted vote...."Robert William Brewer

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"The Brexit Party aren’t really a political party, more a limited company. You can’t become a member, you can’t vote to change the leader all you can do is donate via PayPal.Donations via PayPal can come from anywhere, stuff like this makes a mockery of our political system."Mark Tierney

"Not voting. As they do what they want and ignore the will of the people."Andrew Sheward

"Not voting is exactly what they want you to do."Stephen McQuade

"You should always vote. The right to vote has been fought over and there are people all over the world denied this right. You don’t have like any of the leaders but vote for a party that mostly represents where you stand on major issues."Sophie Choudhury

"The amount of people saying they won’t vote again probably only ever voted in the EU referendum. There is more going on than just trying to keep immigrants."James Riedel