VIDEO: And... they're gone! Blackpool's skyline changes forever

Here's the first pictures of the demolition of the flats at Layton, carried out this morning.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 31st July 2016, 11:31 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 7:16 pm

People around the world watched the demolition of the last remaining three tower blocks in Layton, as thousands of people gathered around the site.

And here’s some of our readers’ thoughts as they waited for the big moment – from near the scene, around the UK, and much further afield.

See tomorrow’s Gazette for a four-page special on the big blow-down.

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Watching from Devon, I grew up in Layton

Debbie Kneale

We’re on sainsburys car park it’s packed up here

Andrew WWhalliwell

Looking forward to not seeing these ruining the tower view from Normoss.

Dan Webster

Watching from Melbourne, Australia.

Craig Anthony Brooks

I’m going to watch out of my attic window from near the airport, Blackpool that is... great view

David Arundel

Current view from my front bedroom window - front row seat ( with brew!)

Janet Hill

Watching from Northwich had to go to work unfortunately

Damian Brett

Blackpool skyline won’t be the same

Carrie Prince

Watching from Marton

Sally Sargeant

It will only improve Blackpool skyline

Nadya Rodgers

Can’t come soon enough should have never been built in the first place

Anne Ward

Watching from Bispham

Nicky Graves

Watching from ex Blackpool residents in Carisle.

Jean Scott

Watching from Spain, Blackpool resident 20 years

Douglas Johnston

These are like Layton’s versions of the Pyramids in Egypt. Great memories of Layton growing up

Jordan Wylie

Moved from Blackpool to near Brighton 9 years ago will be dif (sic) once these have gone

Sarah Louise Thornton

Watching from London grew up half here and half on the Grange Park Estate. They were part of my growing up.

Caroline Baird

Watching from Barnsley lived Blackpool most my life wish I come Blackpool but come bk to home time had some good times at them flats

Jodie Louise Kirkup