These are the 33 Lancashire council officers who earned more than £100,000 a year

Senior officers’ pay reflects their skills and the need to attract top applicants for challenging jobs, a spokesman for Lancashire County Council said.

Lancashire County Council
Lancashire County Council

County Hall has committed to finding £135m of savings in the four years to 2021-22.

The latest report from the TaxPayers’ Alliance pointed out the high salaries of more than 2,000 local authorities across the country, at a time when many areas have been hit by cutbacks.

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The THIRTY THREE Lancashire council officers who earned more than £100,000 a yea...

But the council says the high pay fits the roles.

A spokesman said: “Senior officers’ pay reflects the skills and responsibilities required of these complex roles and ensures that we attract and retain the best people possible for Lancashire.

“The council employs over 12,000 people in full-time and part-time roles.

“We are responsible for a diverse range of vital services which support and protect our most vulnerable residents.

“We also provide public health and waste disposal services, advice to schools, maintain 4,300 miles of roads and invest in the county to foster its economic growth and prosperity.”

There were eight employees at Lancashire County Council with either a salary or an overall pay package, including pension, which tops £100,000.

The chief executive’s salary is £134,999 and the total pay package is £268,777, while the corporate director of commissioning and deputy chief executive earns a basic salary of £99,776 and a total package of £230, 575.

The director of children’s services earns £114,015 per year, with a total package of £130, 431.

The other employees have salaries under £100,000 but each come in with a total package of over £100,000.

However, the figures in the report do not take into account the appointment of a new chief executive at Lancashire County Council, Angie Ridgwell, who officially took up the post in October 2018 after 10 months in the interim role.

Here are the figures:

Lancaster, Chief Executive £123,000

Lancaster, Chief Officer £110,000

Lancashire, Chief Executive £268,776

Lancashire, Corporate Director Commissioning and Deputy Chief Executive (Executive Director £230,575

Lancashire, Director Governance, Finance and Public Services £199,705

Lancashire, Director of Development and Corporate Services £157,813

Lancashire, Post undisclosed £142,500

Lancashire Director of Children’s Services £130,431

Lancashire Corporate Director Operations and Delivery £118,292

Lancashire Director of Education, Schools and Care £110,004

Lancashire, Post Undisclosed £107,500

Lancashire, Director Public Health and Wellbeing £105,361

Lancashire, Post undisclosed £102,500

Lancashire, Post undisclosed £102,500

Lancashire, Director of Adult Services £102,266

Preston, Chief Executive £146,000

South Ribble, Director of Neighbourhoods, Environmental Health & Assets £328,756

South Ribble, Interim HR & OD Consultant £131,661

South Ribble, Director of Development, Enterprise & Communities £130,583

South Ribble, Interim Chief Executive £106,137

Ribble Valley, Chief Executive £134,310

Ribble Valley, Director of Resources £104,434

Blackpool, Chief Executive £158,447

Blackpool, Director of Public Health £126,428

Blackpool, Director of Resources £115,304

Blackpool, Director of Childrens Services £103,863

Blackpool, Director of Governance & Partnership Services £103,321

Blackpool, Director of Community & Environmental Services £103,202

Chorley, Chief Executive £121,000

Fylde, Chief Executive £112,000

Wyre, Chief Executive £124,037

West Lancs, Director of Leisure and Well Being £337,351

West Lancs, Chief Executive £125,594