Residents "very, very disappointed" repair works have to be carried out on recently-resurfaced Worden Park car park

The overspill car park at Worden Park has been out of use this week after workmen were called back in to fix surfacing problems.

By Catherine Musgrove
Friday, 21st January 2022, 12:46 pm

The whole car park was resurfaced at a cost of £120,000 less than 12 months ago, after the surface became cracked and uneven - something South Ribble Borough Council blamed on overuse and misuse after it started allowing up 100 Runshaw College students to park on the land back in 2016.

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But now there have been problems with the land drainage, meaning relevelling work has been required. Though contractors have fixed the problem at no extra expense to the authority, there is a worry this could be a running problem.

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The overflow car park has been closed for repairs

Worden councillor Alan Ogilvie said: "The whole episode is very, very disappointing. That's not just me saying that, that's also Councillor Caroline Moon, the other ward councillor, having spoken with residents.

"The overspill car park was completely redone and opened in April last year. This is now the third or fourth time it's been closed for repairs in 10 months.

"There might be an issue with ground preparation causing levels to change. But this was an expensive job to repair in the first place and the contractor will only be responsible for another couple of months. It's important it gets fixed properly this time."

Councillor Ogilvie also called on the council to open up the overspill car park more regularly than it currently does, as he claims people who cannot park on the main car park regularly park illegally on streets surrouning the park. It is currently only open during weekends and school holidays.

Concerns have been raised over the future costs of work on the car park

He said: "It's a very sad state of affairs. It's a very expensive council asset that isn't being used very often.

"The current administration are trying to keep it in pristine condition, but it's not there to be looked at, it's there to be used."

What did the council say?

Councillor Matthew Tomlinson, Cabinet Member for South Ribble Borough Council (Finance, Property and Assets) said “There are currently works being carried out on the overflow car park at Worden Park to relevel an area of the stone base where there has been some settlement around land drainage installed last year.

"This has required a section of the tiled surface to be lifted. The work is being carried out by the contractor at their expense as part of the aftercare provisions of the contract, so there is no cost to the council.

"To carry out the work, it was necessary to close the overflow car park last weekend, but the car park will be open for use as usual at weekends and school holidays from now on. The main car park has remained open throughout the works so that residents and visitors can continue to enjoy the park.”