People pictured using Moor Park's play areas, skatepark and outdoor gym despite Council guidelines

Families and crowds of teenagers are returning to the play areas and skatepark in Moor Park despite the Council saying they are off-limits during lockdown.

Wednesday, 3rd June 2020, 10:59 am

Pictures taken in the park yesterday (June 1) show parents and children inside the play areas, which have been closed since late Marc.

Around 25 people can be seen in one picture taken at the play area near Moor Park Avenue.

Next to the play area, a number of people could be seen using the equipment at the outdoor gym, where the Council's tape cordon has been torn down.

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Crowds of youngsters congregating at the skatepark in Moor Park yesterday (June 1)

On the Deepdale Road side of the park, crowds of teenagers had returned to the skatepark.

More than 30 youngsters have been pictured congregating at the ramps and rails, which has been off-limits since lockdown began.

As restrictions came into force in late March, Preston City Council said that the skatepark, play areas and outdoor gym would be closed to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

Its guidelines state: "Following Government advice to help reduce the spread of coronavirus the use of parks is restricted.

A cordon around the outdoor gym in Moor Park has been torn down and people could be seen using the equipment yesterday (June 1)

"We have temporarily closed some park facilities, including, Avenham Pavilion cafe, play areas, outdoor gym equipment and skate parks.

"Walking of dogs is permitted but they must be kept under close control at all times.

"All parks remain open, however please ensure you keep at least 2 metres away from other users."

The Council has not announced any changes to these guidelines, but the recent easing of the Government's lockdown restrictions appear to have led to some confusion as to whether the park's safety measures are still in effect.

Families with children inside the play area at Moor Park yesterday (June 1)

Preston City Council has been approached for clarification.