Morecambe MP votes against equal marriage the week before first Morecambe Pride

The parade around the city centre at this year's Lancaster Pride.The parade around the city centre at this year's Lancaster Pride.
The parade around the city centre at this year's Lancaster Pride.
Morecambe and Lunesdale MP David Morris has been slammed by the LGBT+ community for voting against extending marriage for same sex partners to Northern Ireland.

After last week’s debate in Parliament, MPs voted by 383-73 to legalise same sex marriage in Northern Ireland.

Hundreds of MPs did not take part in the votes, including Prime Minister Theresa May.

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Some abstained, while others were paired with absent MPs or were given permission not to take part due to other commitments or illness.

David Morris MP.David Morris MP.
David Morris MP.

Lancaster MP Cat Smith voted in favour of the bill.

Mr Morris has previously voted against equal marriage in England and Wales and extending that right to armed forces personnel deployed overseas.

This weekend sees the first ever Morecambe Pride parade where local LGBT+ people will march in Morecambe and celebrate LGBT+ freedom.

Newly elected city councillor for Skerton West, Phil Black, said: “I feel angry that my MP thinks I shouldn’t have been able to marry my husband.

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David Morris has repeatedly voted against my right to marry and now he wants to prevent people in Northern Ireland from making a life-long legal commitment to their partner.

“It’s 50 years since the Stonewall uprising and we’re still having to fight for our basic human rights.

“My MP should be sticking up for my family, not showing in Parliament that he doesn’t think we deserve the same family life as straight people.”

Robert Mee, CEO of LGBT charity Out In The Bay and one of the Pride organisers, said: “We decided Morecambe Pride was needed because of the increasing number of homophobic, transphobic and biphobic incidents.

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“This needs to be tackled in Morecambe but as a small charity we can only do so much. Sadly, Mr Morris has never shown us the support we’d hope for from our MP.”

Mr Morris said: “This is purely a constitutional issue. Same sex marriage in Northern Ireland is a decision that needs to be made by the elected members of the Northern Ireland Assembly.

“As a constitutionalist and the former Parliamentary Private Secretary in the Northern Ireland Office, I do not believe that as a Member of the UK Parliament I should be voting to change laws which are devolved, taking responsibility away from the Northern Ireland Assembly.”

Morecambe Pride takes place this Saturday, July 20, with a march starting at the Battery at 11am, ending at the Stone Jetty with stalls and entertainment.