Local elections are coming up in Chorley

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Local elections are coming up in Chorley next week with voting taking place in 17 of the borough's 20 wards.

It means that there are 17 seats up for grabs in total across the borough.

Voting for the elections will take place on Thursday, May 3 with polling stations open between 7am and 10pm.

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Chorley Council is made up of 47 councillors spread over its 20 borough wards.

Of the 47 members, 30 councillors belong to the Labour party, 14 being to the Conservative party, two are Independent and one belongs to the National Health Action Party.

This year candidates from the Liberal Democrats, UKIP and the Democrats and Veterans Party are also standing.

Wards where elections will take place includeAdlington and Anderton, Astley and Buckshaw, Chisnall, Chorley East, Chorley North East, Chorley North West, Chorley South East, Chorley South West, Clayton-le-Woods and Whittle-le-Woods, Clayton-le-Woods North, Clayton-le-Woods West and Cuerden, Coppull, Eccleston and Mawdesley, Euxton North, Euxton South, Pennine and Wheetlon and Withnell.

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Residents will only be able to vote if they are on the Chorley Electoral Register and live in one of the 17 wards listed above.

Councillors are elected for a four-year term of office with elections being held by what is known as ‘by thirds’. This means that over a four year period, in three of those four years a third of the Chorley seats are put up for election each year. To find your nearest polling station enter your postcode here: wheredoivote.co.uk

The number of councillors elected to Chorley Council could change in the future as a shake up of boundaries is underway which could bring the number of councillors down to 42, saving the authority £20,000. The last electoral review for Chorley was held in 2000 and since then council bosses say that elector numbers have changed within the authority area causing the ratio of elector numbers per councillor to be imbalanced.