Lancashire fracking: Anti fracking campaigners protest outside Lancashire County Council ahead of fracking debate

Anti-fracking campaigners are protesting outside Lancashire County Council today (Thursday, October 13) ahead of an upcoming fracking debate.

This afternoon, a motion opposing fracking in Lancashire will be heard at the council’s full meeting, brought forward by Councillor Gina Dowding.

Chanting “No fracking here, no fracking anywhere”, campaigners were armed with signs stating various messages, including “Frack Free Lancashire” and “We’ve said it before- no fracking here!”

One protestor said: “The country is obliged to meet net zero targets, and it’s legally binding that we meet these net zero targets. If fracking comes into the area and this council approves that planning, those planning officers are at risk of breaching that law so they need to know that safeguards are in place.

“What we’re hoping to see today is that Gina Dowding gets that message across because even if it doesn’t ban fracking, it makes it damn near impossible to do because it is not safe and they will never meet those requirements.”

See the images from the protest below: