'I don't understand..... you can't miss the sign' - Motorists react as Preston's second bus lanes rakes in the cash

Another controversial bus lane in Preston has seen nearly 5,000 motorists fined in the last twelve weeks, at a cost of nearly £150,000.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 12th September 2018, 3:03 pm
Updated Wednesday, 12th September 2018, 4:07 pm
Some of the signs placed to warn motorists of the new bus lane
Some of the signs placed to warn motorists of the new bus lane

The traffic camera, which is picking off motorists at an average of 58 a day is on a short stretch of the A6 at Broughton.

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Second Preston bus lane rakes in £150k in fines in just 12 weeks

"If people choose to not read the road markings then they deserve to get fined"

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Some of the signs placed to warn motorists of the new bus lane

Anthony Capps

"Does this area really have that many buses to warrant a bus lane ?????"

Marje Turner

"1. BUSES ONLY painted in big white letters on the floor 2. TWO Standard highway code sized blue warning signs for BUSES ONLY, with added Bus Lane Enforcment camera signs. 3. Very large yellow warning signs along the A6 that have been up since May warning of the Bus Lane......

"Forget the fine how about a straight up licence suspension while drivers prove they have correct eyesight as they clearly can't see the signs or they have a retest because theh are not concentrating and therefore dangerous to others.... Just saying."

Paul Tarquin Farqua

"They should get points on their licence as well. Driving without due care and attention."

Mark Smith

"The bus lane works on a motion sensor traffic light, so that the flow of traffic can continue on James Tower Way without interruption, except for buses.

"The bus lane is clearly marked and so is the sign for camera enforcement."

Geoff Hunt

"It says buses only clearly marked"

Ken Clarkson

"No sympathy for them. If you can’t see the signs and see the markings on the road then where is our care factor?"

Andrew Cropper

"I've not been through the bus lane, but it is not a busy bus route. Traffic from Broughton and the Marriott wanting to turn right for M55 are pushed left, up to the new roundabout to turn around and come back down. Why? Only the LCC traffic management team can answer! How many buses come through here in a day? Except school bus between 3 and 4-00pm. Can only think someone with zero experience of traffic movement designed this road junction."

John Wilson

"I don’t understand..... you can’t miss the signs. It’s not as if it takes much longer to drive via the correct route. Absolutely no sympathy for those who choose to ignore the road signs, including the large bus lane camera signs"

Gary Hopkinson

"This isn't a surprise. Couple of weeks ago I watched a Toyota Igo slow to a stop at every one of the bus lane signs on Lune Street/Fishergate so the driver could read them and she still drove through the camera instead of turning left."

Simon Gooch

"They’ll refund like they did in city centre. They’ll be a loop hole or mistake somewhere"

Kyle Graphine

"Would it make a difference if there was the good old red NO ENTRY sign or would it not make any difference - might be a good experiment"

Richard Stone

But a few did see the funny side...

"Before you drive down the lane check in your rearview mirror. If you see less than twenty seats you're not a bus."

Mark Fairhurst

"Has the standard of reading in Preston got that bad?"

Chris Davies

"See we aint the only ones"

Deborah Murphy