Fracking starts in Lancashire: Your reaction to the day's events

As Cuadrilla announced the starts of fracking operations today, protesters were out in force, closing the A583 and promising that the fight "just got serious".

Monday, 15th October 2018, 3:53 pm
Updated Monday, 15th October 2018, 4:58 pm
Protesters at the Preston New Road site

A police team had to cut a man and woman out of a set of tyres which they had apparently cemented their arms into.

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We are going nowhere. I am local. I am not going to let this dreadful industry destroy the place I love.

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Protesters at the Preston New Road site

Chris Whynot

How many protesters come from Blackpool & the Fylde? It was none last time I looked... Go home & cause trouble in your own area....

Tracey Ann

Bring on the natural disasters that normally follow fracking I hope everyone has a safe zone ready for such events just In case an earthquake happens x

Ronny Rolo Wilsdon

Im against fracking but the protesters are a pain. Sitting there day after day and at times blocking the road is not going to make no difference at all. You just put a burden on an already overstretched police force and people getting to work.

Gramps Todd

Why has no one thought about drilling there own well close to the site. As soon as there chemicals are proved to be leaching into the environment and pressure is lost to frack its game over for Quadrilla. Drill as many wells as close to there’s. legally for water. for your own consumption. Might cost a few quid but would shut them down quickest.

Stephen Mattinson

Well done to the protestors I say! Anything that causes more problems and delays for Quadrilla the better. The people voted against it, Lancashire County Council ruled against it, yet the Tories still forced it upon us. Maybe this is what they really meant when they were talking about a Northern Powerhouse!!

Matt Langford

Protesters: "we're doing this to protect our county and our children!"

Also protesters: *doesn't bother protesting the terrible living conditions, poverty and drug problems affecting their future generations*

Madzz Ellis

Why don't they leave now! They have the go ahead to start fracking and there's nothing anyone can do about it!

Rob Garnz Garner

Why don’t they just get a life.

Audie Kinsella

I remember when the protesters had local support, before throwing themselves in the road and claiming police brutality, before jumping into the side of vans leaving the site and claiming attempted murder, before inconveniencing hundreds of locals trying to go about their lives and costing local businesses thousands. They couldn't of done a better job of turning local support if they were employed by Cuadrilla themselves!

Stuart Gleeson

Protestors are ace . Keep up the good work guys

Louise Dinnen

Tell them if they don't stop protesting they will be forced to get a job...that should do the trick !

David Gillespie