Farington's streets of shame as signs bring down look of area

Sad-looking street signs are bringing down the appearance of Farington.

By Gordon Mccully
Tuesday, 5th March 2019, 8:39 am
Updated Tuesday, 5th March 2019, 9:42 am
Farington's shabby street signs
Farington's shabby street signs

That’s the view of ward councillor Paul Wharton who is campaigning to have some of them replaced.

Councillor Wharton, who represents Farington East on South Ribble Council, messaged on his Facebook page: “I’ve been out and about looking around Farington at things that don’t give our community a good feeling (I know the roads are bad, but that’s out of my control!).

“Some of our street signs aren’t in the best condition and make Farington look a bit drab!

“I’ve reported a number for replacement over the coming months.”

He took photographs of a number of some of the grubby road signs – including St Michaels Road, St Annes Road, St David’s Road, Crown Street, St Margarets Road and Lever House Lane.

The signs are dirty and some can’t even be read clearly because of the condition they are in.

Coun Wharton told the Guardian: “They (the new signs) have been ordered and the rationale behind that is just taking pride in our area.

“It looks bad then there’s three signs you just can’t read, they’re just dirty.

“I know the roads are bad but that’s out of my remit, so I’m doing what I can.

“All the bus stops in Farington are being replaced, as well.”

Some of the replies to Cooun Wharton’s social media message included:

Stéphanie Donner: “Hi Paul, Windermere next to Grasmere Avenue is almost invisible, please could this also be logged for replacement?”

Nicola Collison “The council said the signs for St David’s Road were ordered at the end of October and should be about 10 weeks.

“That was up a month ago. I wouldn’t hold your breath.”

South Ribble Council is responsible for the street signs and bus stops.

Coun Caroline Moon, cabinet member for neighbourhoods and streetscene at South Ribble Council, said: “We can confirm that councillor Wharton has raised the issue of poor conditions of a number of street name signs and bus shelters in the Farington area.

“We can confirm that the council is looking into this and works will be taking place over the coming weeks.”