Penwortham Cycle Superhighway: Bus forced onto wrong side of the road as residents slam highways decision as an "absolute shambles"

“An accident waiting to happen” – that’s the residents’ verdict on a new road junction that forces buses into oncoming traffic.

By Catherine Musgrove
Friday, 11th March 2022, 3:45 pm
Updated Friday, 11th March 2022, 4:03 pm

Since the installation of a Cycle Superhighway down Penwortham Hill, a new pedestrian island has been constructed at the junction of Kingsway and Liverpool Road.

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The size and shape of the island means that long vehicles such as the hourly 119 bus risk swinging into oncoming traffic as they turn left out of Kingsway.

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The 119 bus struggling to turn at the junction. Credit: thepracticalsurveyor

Penwortham County Councillor David Howarth called it a “ludicrous road layout” and claims that at a site meeting, traffic engineers from Lancashire County Council were dismissive of the issue.

He said: "You've got the 119 bus that comes out of Kingsway and has to swing into oncoming traffic just to get down the hill.

"The traffic engineer said 'but how often does it happen?' Well, it's an hourly bus!

"And it's not just the bus that's affected. Anything like a caravan or a delivery lorry will also have problems."

The new island is causing problems for large vehicles turning left down the hill. Credit: thepracticalsurveyor

Coun Howarth said he was told work on the junction from April 4-8 was to rectify the problem, but LCC told the Post the work is unrelated and is because the pedestrian crossing ‘isn't quite wide enough’.

A spokesman said: "Remedial work to widen the pedestrian crossing at Kingsway and Liverpool Road in Penwortham is due to take place from 4th to the 8th April. This work will take place during the hours of 7pm to 6am. Diversions will be in place during this time."

Residents’ reactions

When pictues of the 119 crossing onto the wrong side of the road were posted social media, hundreds of people commented.

Harry Sanderson said: "The junction is still too tight just in a car, and wait until the caravanning season starts next month. I tow a caravan, and there’s no way I can turn out without fully crossing into the oncoming traffic and possibly mounting the opposite kerb.

"And if I have to give way to traffic from both directions then I’ll be blocking both the cycle super highway and the zebra crossing!

"It’s an absolute shambles Lancashire Clowny Council."

Linda Walmsley said: "Absolutely shocking what they’ve done to what was a perfectly good road. Not fit for purpose now. Whoever is responsible for the mess they’ve made needs to go back to the drawing board."