Long-established Chorley village scrapyard site set for redevelopment

A long-established former scrapyard in the Chorley green belt looks to have come to the end of its days.

Wednesday, 21st October 2020, 7:00 am
Updated Thursday, 22nd October 2020, 9:35 am

New industrial units - which, its is said, will bring jobs and a cleaner local environment - are planned for the site in Charnock Richard.

The site, which is mainly covered by concrete hardstanding, is on Town Lane.

An application to erect two industrial units following the demolition of existing buildings and the removal of onsite containers, plant and machinery, has been submitted to Chorley Council's planning department.

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The former scrapyard site on Town Lane, Charnock Richard

A planning statement in support of the application explains that the scrapyard is long-established and in the green belt.

The proposal is to:

Remove the existing buildings and associated debris, plant and materials associated with the former scrapyard.

Build a new industrial building and new workshop.

Change the use of the site to general industrial.

The new workshop would include storage at first floor level and be for the personal repair of motor vehicles.

The industrial building would be for general industrial use.

The planning statement says the redeveloped site will benefit from "the removal of tons of waste material, old buildings, portacabins, and a variety of waste materials on site".

It adds: "Instead the site will be relatively clear and environmentally much cleaner and better maintained.

"Another additional consideration will be that the scrap yard has an unfeted operation in terms of conditions and hours of operation.

"It is clear that subject to environmental permits that the site was and could be a major environmental problem in the locality.

"In terms of access that will not change, certainly not for the worse, and again the unlimited use of the scrap yard is such that the number of vehicles and time of vehicle use was not controlled.

"There are many benefits associated with the proposed development and new use of the site which outweigh the arguments against the development.

"The proposal will have an economic benefit in providing jobs in the locality as well as a social benefit in providing for a safer built environment on the site."