Faith group given go-ahead to make Preston its new headquarters

Preston is to become the headquarters of a growing faith group less than six months after it set up a church in the city.

By Brian Ellis
Tuesday, 15th February 2022, 4:55 am

The Faith Life Centre Ministries, currently based in Manchester, is to switch its administration centre to former Ministry of Defence offices on the Docklands estate.

The building will also host services on a Sunday in place of Screen 2 at the Odeon Cinema next door where the congregation has been worshipping since September.

Plans to change the use of the office block to a flexible admin/worship centre have been approved by the council planning officers.

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Former Ministry of Defence offices will be faith group HQ.

Faith Life plans to run both Preston and Manchester campuses from the office accommodation overlooking the dock in Edward VII Quay.

The group was established in Manchester in 2013. It has begun setting up new churches in the North of England, with Preston being the first.

In a planning statement to the city council, the group says it engages with local communities "to see social change."

"Faith Life believes it's social responsibility is to help and restore people who have been marginalised."

Quayside views for faith group moving its headquarters to Preston Docklands.

The group says it plans to make Preston its administrative head office. Sunday services will run from 10am to noon, part of which will include live music.

Noise insulation will be installed to ensure neighbouring properties are not affected.

Faith Life says it is committed to all age groups. It runs fun, interactive children's programmes.

It supports local charities, schools and businesses and also hundreds of people weekly through its food banks and job clubs.

Services in Preston are currently attended by 20 to 25 adults and 10 to 15 children.

By the end of this year the group expects to have 40 adults and 20 children attending for worship.

In recommending the application for approval, a planning officer said: "It is considered that the building, which would result in the meeting of a congregation of approximately 40-60 people, is situated far enough away not to have an unacceptable impact on the existing residential amenity in terms of noise and general disturbance from vehicle movement.

"No objections have been received in relation to the proposal. The proposed change of use is considered acceptable."