Long-serving city councillors to be made Honorary Aldermen of Preston

Two retired councillors will be recognised for their service to the city next week when they are installed as Honorary Aldermen of Preston.

By Brian Ellis
Friday, 1st October 2021, 4:33 pm

Carl Crompton and Stuart Greenhalgh will be given the title in a special ceremony at the Town Hall on Thursday.

The pair are the latest former council members to be added to the list of Honorary Aldermen - a post which was created in 1974 after the abolition of the centuries-old Alderman position in local government.

Preston already has 36 - 16 of those appointed in the last 10 years.

Carl Crompton served Preston Council for two decades and was also a county councillor for the city.

Mr Crompton and Mr Greenhalgh both served the authority for 20 years, but retired from the council in 2019.

They were among four long-serving members who were nominated that year for the honour. The others, former councillors Neil Cartwright and John Swindells, were both installed in January 2020.

The position of Honorary Alderman can only go to former members who have given a minimum of 15 years service to the authority and are no longer serving councillors.

The title recognises "persons who have, in the opinion of the council, rendered eminent service to the council."

Stuart Greenhalgh was a Conservative member of Preston Council for 20 years.

It is a largely a nominal title, although it allows an Honorary Alderman to attend meetings of the council as an observer and walk in civic processions wearing aldermanic robes.

Mr Crompton was first elected to Preston Council as a Labour member in 1999 and the highlight of his service to the authority came in 2012 when he became Guild Mayor. He also served on Lancashire County Council.

He said at the time of his nomination for the honour: "It means you have put the work in over the years.

"It is the second greatest honour I have had as a councillor - the first was being Mayor, which was very humbling."

Mr Greenhalgh, a Conservative, also joined Preston Council in 1999 and was successfully re-elected to the authority on six further occasions before losing in the 2019 elections.

The pair will be installed as Honorary Aldermen at an extraordinary meeting of the council at 11am, before the scheduled full council meeting at 2pm.